Sunday For The Spirit

Sunday For The Spirit is a day we like to focus on spirit and self.

We  have a variety of healers, readers, and practitioners that participate with us, making it a unique experience every time.

Hours for Sunday for The Spirit are; 1:00-5:00


  •  May 7th       CHRISTINA COOPER                 Initiative Tarot Reading  

  • May 13th and 14th     Craft Faire            Readers At Elm St Park.  

  •  May 2 1 ANNA OLSEN                                     Clairvoyant Empath Claircognizant Aura       

  •  May 28th    CATHERINE KINCAID MS      Palmistry, Astrology, Tarot

  • June 4th     CHRISTINA COOPER                   Intuitive Tarot Reading    

  •   June 11th   CATHERINE KINCAID MS        Palmistry,Astrology,Tarot

  •  June 18     Sabrina Lovell                                 Authentic Personal Readings  

  • June 25th   Mike Smith                                      Clairvoyant Medium