Sunday For The Spirit/ Psychic Readers

Sunday For The Spirit is a day we like to focus on spirit and self.

We  have a variety of healers, readers, and practitioners that participate with us, making it a unique experience every time.

Hours for Sunday for The Spirit are; 1:00-5:00




    Aug 5th         CHRISTINA COOPER                Intuitive Tarot Reading
    Aug 12th       MISS KIM                                    Crystal Ball, Tarot Intuitive
    Aug 19th        MIKKI AND JULIE                                Auras before and after Reiki  
    Aug 26th      MIKE SMITH                                   Clairvoyant Medium

    Sept 1st & 2nd  PSYCHIC FAIRE 2-6

    Sept 9th        HEATHER GREEN                    People and animal Intuitive
    Sept 16th       JULIE JENSEN                           Tarot the here and now
    Sept 23rd      to be announced
    Sept 30th     MIKE SMITH                               Clairvoyant Medium


    Oct 7th       CHRISTINA COOPER                 Intuitive Tarot Reading
    Oct 14th     MISS KIM                                      Crystal Ball, Tarot
    Oct 21st     ANNA OLSEN                                Intuitive Tarot
    Oct 28th   MIKE SMITH                                  Clairvoyant Medium


                                                                                                Please call 489-2432 or 674-4277