Class Info.


                                                       CLASSES RECURRING MONTHLY

3rd MON          GUIDED SOUND HEALING MEDITATION Julie Jensen 6:30-8pm $25
1st & 3rd TUE  INTUITIVE Development JULIE JENSEN 6:30-8pm $25 explore your innate gifts of receiving and giving intuitive information. $25
2nd TUE          MEDIUMSHIP DEVELOPMENT MIKE SMITH 15.00, 6:30-7:30 Learn the basics of communicating with spirit in a safe & fun environment $20
2nd WED         REIKI CIRCLE Share 6:30-8:00, … Practitioners only no fee
4th FRI            CHANNELING DEVELOPMENT Julie Jensen 6:30-8:00 $25
3rd FRI             DRUM CIRCLE Pamela Taylor 6:30-8:00 $10
2nd SAT          MEDIUMSHIP CHANNELING MIKE SMITH $35 Receive channeled  messages from spirit guides and love ones. 6:30-8:00
4th WED        SINGING BOWL Tuning Forks Chakra MEDITATION Pamela Tayler 6:30-7:30 $15 


  •    June 9th Medicine Drum Making ELK Julie Jensen $250 material deposit 2 weeks in advance $100 12-4   
  •    July 28th REIKI MASTER CLASS Julie Jensen  mustsign up ahead                                                                                       July 7th and 8th MYSTIC FAIRE at the Store 2-6


                                                    Please call to sign-up OR WITH QUESTIONS 489-2432 or 674-4277