Trance Medium – Clairvoyant – Development Teacher

I believe my job as a trance medium, clairvoyant, and development teacher is centered on empowering my clients to follow their own spiritual journey in the pursuit of a more full, happy, and vibrant life. Such a pursuit often involves connecting with someone on the “other side” to bring messages of peace, love, comfort, and closure. I will explain how my link with loved-ones takes place through different forms of communication, sometimes in words but most often through imagery that spirit uses to send messages to me. I am often drawn to different forms to symbolic communication with spirit and presently I work with flame messages. I focus on the basic character of each client, in his/her own unique way of living, belief-system, and personal challenges. My main goal is to help each person find purpose, balance, and joy in their lives and I strive to communicate complex messages in simple ways. As a trance medium I also invite sitters to directly communicate through me with the spirit Father James.

I have been involved in spirit work for over 20 years. I am originally from Indiana and at the age of 18 began training under the late Reverend Suzanne Greer at Historic Camp Chesterfield in Chesterfield, Indiana - a 100+ year-old Spiritualist Community. I am a Spiritualist, which means I believe, as part of my religion, in communication between this and the spirit world by means of mediumship. I therefore endeavor to mold my life’s pursuits and conduct in accordance with the highest teachings derived from such communion. As a Spiritualist, my early training focused on developing my inherent abilities as a Trance Medium and Clairvoyant.