Spiritual Guide and Mentor

          The past year brought in major inner work for Jean Marie resulting in massive spiritual growth and alignment with her life path. The manifestation of her psychic gifts continues to emerge, enlarging her innate talents and bringing in new abilities. Her connection with her spiritual team brings forth guidance of high vibrational quality. The trust she feels in her intuition allows a constant stream of information to come forth from the Divine.

          Jean Marie serves the general collective as an intuitive oracle reader, providing insight and guidance on Love, Relationships, Abundance, Life Path, Twin Flame Journeys and Personal Spiritual Growth. These readings also include information for the client on using their own intuitive abilities, working with the angels and their guides. A new gift she is expanding on is that of a medium to aid crossed-over loved ones to connect with their earth-bound friends and family. When the Soul is willing, contact with deceased loved ones is possible.

          Being of service is her life path which she fulfills with love and compassion. The understanding that each one of us is on our own, individual path allows her to serve without judgement. Her varied life experiences provide her the knowledge to offer assistance on many levels.

Available services include Intuitive Oracle Card Readings, Navigating the Twin Flame Journey, Mediumship and Clearing Negative Energy from Homes.

“This is sacred work that I do. This is my spiritual path. I made the commitment and all is unfolding with an easiness that lets me know I have accepted the right path. I  follow it with courage, truth, compassion, love and gratitude. I can do nothing else because when Spirit calls, you must answer.”

Jean Marie gave me a reading yesterday. It was very spirital and all made so much sense. Every card was spot on. The things she said had so much meaning, you an tell she has a lot of wisdom. Jean is caring and intuitive. She loves what she does. I’d recommend her to anyone who is looking for a reading. Thank you Jean!!!