Genie Sumrall

Genie was allowed to explore nature from a very young age. The land was her teacher as she observed the animals and insects going about their lives. Full of natural curiosity, she followed game trails to see where they went. She picked up rocks for their colors or shapes. Nature called to her and she went willingly. Genie grew up with no fear of the natural world. She had no way of knowing how valuable her experiences were at the time and how rocks would fit into her future and connection with Source.

Crystal Readings

Crystals are millions of years old and contain knowledge and energy from the creation of Mother Earth. They are the Record Keepers of the natural world. In a reading, the client is asked to choose several crystals from an assortment provided by Genie. The information from the crystals gives clarity and expanded understanding of the situation for the client. Specific crystals or gemstones may be recommended for daily use to assist with healing, protection, abundance, love, self-confidence and spiritual growth.

Spiritual Problem Solving

As an intuitive empath, Genie is an open channel with Source. She has a way of knowing what the client needs to resolve the challenges in their life. The client shares their concern with her and as she listens through her heart chakra, resolutions for the good of the client come through to her. The solutions come from Genie’s Guides, Archangels and Source.

“This is sacred work that I do. This is my spiritual path. I made the commitment to this path. I follow it with courage, truth, compassion, love, and gratitude. I can do nothing else because when Spirit calls, you must answer.”