We are looking for a new space . 

We are saddened with the non-renewal of our month to month lease. After 113 years the new property management Chris Thyring has decided to close halcyon store postoffice…..   Update as of June 9th we are still looking

936 S Halcyon rd….. Our old space  is permanently closed

When one door shuts another will open.

We will let you all know when we know.

Love and Light

Sandy and Louise

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Hours of Operation
text 805-674-4277

The Halcyon StoreĀ  is dedicated to the welfare and safety of its customers and community. To that goal, face masks are required for all customers while in the store, and social distancing is to be practiced at all times (with a minimum of six feet between customers or individual groups at all times). The occupancy limit of the store at any given time will be at the sole discretion of the manager on duty.