Stones for October


Also called heliotrope. Aries, Pisces, Libra, #4; intense healing stone and a “stone of courage”; used to awaken the energy of the base, sacral and heart chakras; provides centering and grounding energy in the heart; message of Bloodstone is “be here now”; revitalization of relationships, love, friendship and connections with others; helps to improve one’s talents and abilities; enhances creative efforts.


Taurus, Gemini, #5; assists one in dramatic presentations, promotes entertaining aspects of one’s self; allows one to recognize the divine personal nature of the Self; powerful link to the Life force; stimulates healing and regeneration; helps to overcome resistance; assists in bringing out the extrovert, promoting eloquence and showmanship; encourages expression of passion and sexual feelings; treats calcium deficiencies and gastric upsets; enhances fertility; is a strengthening and regenerating stone