Appointments please but will fit in walk-ins as available


Mediumship Development-Mike Smith
Last Tue of the month  6-7 $20

Woman’s Empowerment Group-Jean Sumrall Exploration of Gifts and Talents; Discussion of the Clairs; Sharing Experiences; Ascension and Symptoms; Twin Flames; Heart-Centered Living; Lessons for Personal Growth; Reclaiming Your Voice; Authenticity; Connecting with the inner Child; The Divine Feminine/The Divine Masculine, Setting Boundaries and more. Structure of the Group; meditation; sharing, listening and discussion.First and third Tuesday of each month; 7:00pm to 8 – 8:30pm. 25.00 pre register.

Readers by appointment

Mike Smith is a clairvoyant medium whose aim is to empower clients to follow their spiritual journey to pursue a more full, happy, and vibrant life. As a spiritualist, he believes in communication with the spirit world through mediumship as part of his faith. Individual appointments bring messages of guidance, comfort, and closure from spirit guides and loved ones in spirit. Mondays 1-5 by appointment

Jean Sumrall is an intuitive oracle card reader, twin flame guide, medium, ascension guide and unconditional love/heart healing specialist. Facilitator of the Women’s Empowerment Group 1st Tuesdays each month at the store. by appointment

Lori Lewis is a natural Shamanic Healer, Psychic Medium & Astrologer who communicates with Spirit and receives messages to help guide you on your journey.Holding the light for those who are ready to heal and guiding souls on their healing journey is what makes her heart beat faster. by appointment

Text or call 805-674-4277 for appointments