Mediumship Development with Lori Lewis will help participants understand the nature of their inherent natural gifts. We will discuss different topics related to developing and working with intuition, the foundation for working with Spirit. Participants will be invited to participate in exercises that aid in their development. Each meeting will include background information on mediumship and the opportunity to connect with Spirit and loved ones experientially. Holding space for a fun confidential, friendly, safe and supportive environment. Learn to communicate with Spirit, loved ones and your Spirit guides.Learn how to build a relationship with your guides.Test and use your mediumship and go beyond your doubts by trying out your skills and reflecting on what you have learned. Last Tuesday of each month 6:00 to 7 pm $20.

The Elements of Magick Doug Klein, we will weave through seven introductory-level classes,
stopping at the five elements to focus on ways to practice peeling back the veil to see
wonder and exercise your innate power in the “normal” world. $15 6pm Wed. 10/26, 11/2, 11/9, 11/16, 11/30, 12/7 last class to be announced.

 Intuitive class with Elexia will cover various techniques to tap into psychic intuition and provide readings. By attending the intuitive class, you will learn about spiritual protection, spiritual connection to the great beyond, and simple techniques to practice with others. Intuitive class is a great way to meet other people of similar spiritual interests. First Thursday of the month at 6pm $20


Readers by appointment

Mike Smith is a clairvoyant medium whose aim is to empower clients to follow their spiritual journey to pursue a full, happy, and vibrant life. As a spiritualist, he believes in communication with the spirit world through mediumship as part of his faith. Individual appointments bring messages of guidance, comfort, and closure from spirit guides and loved ones in spirit. Available by zoom. Available  Fridays

Jean Sumrall is an intuitive oracle card reader, twin flame guide, medium, ascension guide and unconditional love/heart healing specialist.  Available Mon/Sun

Lori Lewis is a natural Shamanic Healer, Psychic Medium & Astrologer who communicates
with Spirit and receives messages to help guide you on your journey. Holding the light for those who are ready to heal and guiding souls on their healing journey is what makes her heart beat faster.  Available Tue/Fri

Doug Klein has been leading metaphysical communities, classes, events and counseling for 25 years. Previously a Lutheran minister, he witnessed how modern day religions no longer instilled personal responsibility or wonder in their congregations, so he set out on a sermon tour to dozens of churches where he taught how to connect deeper to the shared truths at the center of being a spiritual being. Available Wed/Sun

Nancy Gardner is an international animal communicator and teacher. She has been communicating with animals for over 25 years and has helped many people and their animals resolve a variety of issues. Nancy connects intuitively with animals and can pick up messages from them through thoughts & feelings. Connecting with animals across any distance is done with the same accuracy. Come with your pet or a picture (phone pic is fine). I look forward to talking with you & your pet! Tues/Thurs

Text for 805-674-4277 for appointments