Psychic Readers Availability


2nd Mon Miss Kim 1:30 to 3:30 Tarot, Crystal Ball

4th MON Barbara Harris 10-1 Oracle Medium of Monterey

3rd Tue Danny Hart 3-5 Intuitive Tarot 

3rd WED Genie Sumrall 1-4 Crystal  & Heart Chakra Activation $25 for 15 min

2nd Wed S Julie Fish 1-4 Tarot love, career, or self-fulfillment

1st Sat  Mary Louise 10-12 Chakra readings using a pendulum to discern if each chakra is open or closed. Advice for opening chakras through meditation, mudras, yoga, essential oil & crystals is given. $30 per half hour

1st 3rd 4th SAT Julie Jensen 1-4 Intuitive, Reiki, Shamanic and on call 

2nd SAT Mike Smith 12-5 Clairvoyant Medium & Available various times by appointment call  to schedule   

3rd Fri  Anna Olsen    10-2 and on call please call to schedule 

2nd Sun Catherine Kincaid  1-5 Palmist, Tarot and Astrologer 

We also have Sundays 1:00-5:00 weekly

Please Call the Store to Sign up 805-489-2432 or text 805-674-4277
Revised 1-13-20